Blågårdens lysfestival + Skyen 2

Copenhagen Light Festival +

Skyen 2
af jacob remin

A cloud just above the ground, is created by distributing cold fog in space. a horizontal laser line dissects the cloud, just above the floor level, giving the viewer the illusion of walking on top of the cloud. the experience is a mesmerising visualisation of the thermodynamic properties of air flow. since the installation is highly dynamic and reactive to audience interaction, as all movement and object on the ground affects the air flow, the installation becomes a metaphor for the internet, and the complex patterns and traces we leave behind all the time. patterns, which are normally invisible to us.

support from nørrebro lokaludvalg and Støberiet  

blågårds plads
22. February 2020, 17:00 – 23:00

Trine Berg
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