DIRTY ELECTRONICS: The Construct Has No Purpose

KOMMUNAL KUNST OG TEKNIK is happy to present:
The Construct Has No Purpose
A performance provocation of maker culture …
– With support presentation by visual artist

DATE: Thurs, 19 Jan 2017
LOCATION: KKT, Blågårds Plads 5, 3.rd floor, 2200 København N.
PRE – EVENT: 18.30 – 19.30 open to all participants.
EVENT (gig) + support: from 21.00 –
SOUP will be served from 19.00, and refreshments will be available throughout.
COST: Suggested donation of 50 DKK, on the door.

No booking required. ALL WELCOME.

The PRE-EVENT CONSTRUCTION EXPERIMENT will consist of the collective improvisation of an experimental construct. It will be large, too large for the space it fills. It will become a place to be in, to perform in and around; it will direct and shape sounds and light. It will be built out of wood and nails. Building it will be a celebration of physical labour, and a step away from the artificial and shallow maker nerd culture.

The construct has no other purpose than its creation and existence.

The EVENT consists of works by Dirty Electronics, Max Wainwright, and Dushume and responses to The Construct Has No Purpose.

In ADDITION Gro Sarauw will set up a dialogue with her animated paintings – and investigate how the artwork actively engages with its surroundings; the architecture of KKT, the constructions of the event and the audience. Based in Copenhagen, Sarauw uses digital images, 3D animation and text. Her works linger between the haste and the poetics that present day technology generate

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