ON AIR: by FAXEN Collective

Announcing an aerial invasion by Austrian contemporary art practitioners FAXEN Collective.
At Nørrebro’s space for critical technologies and art – in new location!
A helium filled balloon equipped with microphones is used to create expansive field recordings of Copenhagen. This method allows the artist collective FAXEN to record multiple acoustic transitions between divergent areas in an urban environment. Sonic zoom-in and zoom-out movements that oscillate between subjective and objective points of view, between actual and abstract and between close by and far away.
Arranged as a multi-channel sound installation ON AIR invites the listener to explore the diverse acoustic topography of a city.
ON AIR will be the first seance in KKT’s new Nørrebro location: Third floor of Blågården, Blågårds Plads 3, in between the big smoke and the heavenly vault, overseeing Copenhagen and continually pursuing a critical agenda dedicated to contemporary art and design culture. ON AIR is the perfect first installment in the new space, and will set in motion from the very rooftop of the building.
FAXEN Collective: ON AIR
Exhibition Opening:
Friday 30 October 2015 – 16:00-20:00
RSVP: [facebook]
Saturday 31 October 2015 – Sunday 1 November 2015
Opening Hours:
Saturday 12:00-16:00
Sunday 12:00-16:00
FAXEN (Clemens Mairhofer, Lucas Norer, Sebastian Six) live and work in Linz and Vienna.
Acoustic experiments in connection with items of everyday life, sculptural assemblages and the physical element of sound are the main aspects of the group’s musical and visual compositions. The works of the artist group FAXEN deal with moments where noise becomes music and the difference between hearing and active listening is explored.
In 2011 FAXEN graduated from The University of Art & Design Linz. Since then they have shown their work in gallery spaces, contemporary art museums and festivals including: Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Manifesta8 – Parallel Events Murcia, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Villa Groce Genoa, EX3 Centro Per L’Arte Contemporanea Florence, Ars Electronica, Lentos Art Museum Linz, Das Weisse Haus Vienna, Steim Amsterdam, Kunstpavillon Innsbruck, Galerie 5020 Salzburg.
Titel: ON AIR
Kunstnere: FAXEN Collective, Østrig
FAXEN Collective vil foretage en serie af akustiske optagelser i forskellige områder af byens rum. Fra det nye KKT kunstnerkollektiv på toppen af Blågården vil en helium ballon med monterede mikrofoner blive brugt til at lave omfattende feltoptagelser i København. Med soniske zoom-ind og ud-øvelser vil de skifte mellem subjektive og objektive vinkler, mellem det konkrete og det abstrakte og mellem tæt på og langt fra. ON AIR er arrangeret som en multikanals-lydinstallation, der inviterer lytteren til at udforske byens soniske topografi.
Reception: Fredag d. 30 oktober 2015 kl. 16:00-20:00
Udstilling: Lørdag 31 oktober 2015 – Søndag 1 november 2015 kl. 12:00-16:00
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