The kitchen of: his beat of her art

A performance dinner by Francois Dey

FRIDAY, 9 FEBRUARY 2018 : 19:00 – 21:00

In an attempt to grow closeness and distance toward the other, he gets in the clothes of relation stories and acts them out while preparing a dish. A collection of recognitions and the few he understood of the other’s emotions. A love song: wanting to become the other and the solitude of being.

Performance for a big hour, a simple meal will be served free of charge.


Francois Dey (1981, Switzerland), practice balances itself in between depicting situations of collaboration and individual escapism. The work is used as medium to forge personal memories with people as well as trying to take distance to an overflown sensibility. Fiddling for the right time, creating a scenario for chance to show her face.

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